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Individual Training

Mengtor Mobile Device Training (MMDT) specializes in all mobile device repairs. From the simple basic repairs such as glass, digitizers, LCD’s, flex cables, speakers etc. MMDT attendees will be taught advanced on board level III component repairs such as “but not limited to” microphones, soldered flex cables, charging ports, headphone jacks and SIM/SD card readers which will be explained during training. We also go in depth of the effects of liquid damage to small electronics. Here you will learn all of the industry tools, tips, and tricks for restoration of non-working devices due to spillage or submerged devices. For over 9 years our trainers have been highly respected for their knowledge and experience throughout the wireless industry. Our instructors are the first developers of training in the nation and helped establish hundreds of current repair centers. Our facilities are equipped with advanced and current technology in order to simplify things by giving you access to the latest tools and equipment.

We understand that every student learns at a different pace, this is why there are no worries if one student is faster than the other. We accomplish this by providing students with more than enough access to training material in class. We understand that knowledge is power and with that said you will have the opportunity to not only watch and listen but to physically work on the material taught. We believe (like most) that hands on training are the most effective and prompt ways of learning. You will leave our training with more confidence and ability to troubleshoot and repair all mobile devices. Provided that students continue practicing techniques taught in this course after training. With this industry booming the way it is, sign up now for this course and receive the education required to gain profit tomorrow.