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Trainers Profile

Rene Amsterdam

Rene Amsterdam

Certified Level 3 Mobile Device Trainer / Co-Founder

Rene has a strong back ground in quality assurance software testing, Cisco systems networking WAN/LAN. Certified Structural Aircraft Mechanic’s Rene is no stranger to I.T. or the repair industry. Rene’s Career in the cellular division began back in 2002 when he joined forces with sprint wireless service provider. After getting his feet wet as a sale’s rep/Manager, he then powered his way up the ladder to bigger and better things. By joining the T-Mobile team, successfully obtaining a regional manager position he oversaw the South East where he effectively controlled inventory and employee training for 12 Atlanta based stores. During this time the cost of the average handheld devices grew tremendously. This spawned on a new area for growth, the cellular repair industry. Wasting no time Rene engulfed himself into the cellular repair industry where he became a Certified Level III Cellular Master Technician. With the skill to match his marketing power Rene quickly obtained a corporate cellular repair contract with one of the largest master dealers in the Atlanta based area. Rene has helped launch over 200 successful cellular repair shops globally as well as his own which is still currently in business today. With his wealth of knowledge in retail marketing and the repair industry, Rene has partnered with Mengtor as an instructor to bring you the tool’s you need to be successful in the mobile repair industry.

Lluvia (Uvie) Curiel

Lluvia "Uvie" Curiel (Se habla Español)

Certified Level 3 Mobile Device Trainer / Co-Founder

Unbelievably, it has become increasingly evident over the years that woman are just as talented at repairing mobile devices as men are! Lluvia has been in the wireless industry dating back 2005. During her time in the industry, Lluvia has held a variety of significant roles when it comes to revitalizing all brands of mobile devices. In addition to her skills, she has developed proven marketing strategies, accomplished secure dealer relationships, and has conquered inventory control. While working alongside the Nation's largest Cellular Repair Training Center, Lluvia proved to be a huge asset by providing guidance and preparation, by organizing and developing the course curriculum for all the trainees. Through her expertise, she has been successful in teaching new oncoming instructors ensuring they are properly trained to continue providing great customer service. Lluvia obtained additional knowledge by working as a Sales Associate at an AT&T corporate office selling service and even became a top seller. Lluvia's knowledge and background of owning her repair center has allowed her to consult various repair shops and provided assistance in developing their successful businesses. When Lluvia is not sharing her extensive knowledge in our training courses, she is providing technical support with trainees while currently still in practice repairing devices.