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"Awesome class/instructor and amazing results"
Brandon from Oklahoma

"Awesome and Worth Every Penny"
Jae R. from Georgia

"Great class"
Breyan Jones from Georgia

"Amazing Course! Highly Recommend!"
April P from Texas

"Great teacher"
Mohammed siddiqui from ND

"Awesome Repair Course"
Delrick Williams from Tx

"I've really appreciated this class"
Mamadou from GA

"I Reached to my Goal"
Bashir Ahmadi from CA

"Atlanta Training"
Glenis from NC

"for appreciate"
Wubeshet Wondimu from Las Vegas,NV

"Las Vegas with UV"
Tim from CO

"This course is the truth!"
Zac from Georgia

Vanessa Harris from Georgia

"Best Training"
Gil Huerta from Arizona

"Mengtor Mobile Training Las Vegas"
D Brown from Alberta Canada

"Mengtor Training"
Dustin from North Carolina

"Mobile Device Training"
Abay Negussea from California

"100% Hands on Training"
Rudy Esquerra from California

"I made the right choice"
Fernando from Texas

"Mengtor Training"
JeanPaul Romanelli from Texas

"Los Angeles"
Ahmed Hamed from Ca

"Mengtor Training"
Effrem Mann from Georgia

Samir Ahmed from GA

"Training in Las vegas"
Stephanie from Denver, Colorado


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Awesome class/instructor and amazing results
Commented on May 14, 2018

I went to Rene’s class after I had signed up at other training centers who cancelled due to lack of participation. I got solo one on one training with Rene, when no one else would step up to take on just one student. Rene is a proven grand master in this industry. From Day 1, we covered a ton of material and had plenty of hands on training. I cannot thank Rene enough for the 5 day course material. After I got back, I was able to hit the ground running with my business and already it paid off. Never thought I would see $6k cash money net profits in a week this quickly, but it happened and it continues to grow. With the training I acquired through Rene, I got set up with the right tools, the right connections for parts and a lifeline for support over the phone or email when I run into a snag on a repair I haven’t tackled before. If you are looking to help yourself and your business by getting the best training in this industry, you must take Rene’s class. Inside of two weeks after taking his class, i was able to make enough profit to recoup my training expense. I can’t promise it can happen to everyone that quickly, but you will come home with more than your monies worth of training with enough knowledge to be successful in this industry. Thank you Rene!

Brandon from Oklahoma
Awesome and Worth Every Penny
Commented on May 2, 2018

I went into Rene's class only knowing how to repair iPhone LCDs. I came out knowing how to repair both Androids, iPhones, and tablets. I learned many things that I didn't even know he was going to teach like refurbishing and marketing. I highly recommend this course. Rene is very thorough and genuinely enjoys teaching. He was really enthusiastic and very funny as well. Everyday I felt like the course ran so smoothly because there was never a dry or boring spot in the course. Well done and worth it.

Jae R. from Georgia
Great class
Commented on April 9, 2018

This is a great class to be in not just if you like technology but to be just informed. I can promise you from my experience you will be like us I am glad I went to this class. I defiantly appreciate all the insight.

Breyan Jones from Georgia
Amazing Course! Highly Recommend!
Commented on February 5, 2018

After doing a lot of research on other cell phone repair courses, I decided to go with this one and I am extremely glad that I did! Rene is an amazing instructor! He explains everything with great detail and answers any questions that students might have without hesitation. He not only teaches you how to repair devices, but also goes into detail about how your business should be run and how to set up your own store. The course is VERY hands on. He shows the class how to do something and everyone goes off and practices on their own, while he walks around making sure students are properly performing the tasks or if they have any questions about the technique. Amazing course! Thank you Rene for all the knowledge!

April P from Texas
Great teacher
Commented on February 2, 2018

He is a great teacher ever and best instructor in this country !! I never met anyone with so much knowledge and so passionate about training and he is very good at what he does, anyone who wants to open a phone business and to know how to do it from A to Z he is the perfect teacher for you!!! I really appreciate him him sharing his knowledge and teaching me What to do for my business. And one more thing his knowledge is priceless!! That means it was worth it paying for the class, !! And if I ever need anything to know, I know Where to go and who to ask.

Mohammed siddiqui from ND
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