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  • Atlanta - June 25, 2018
  • Atlanta - July 2, 2018
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5 Day Complete Course

Price: US $1,500.00 (per seat)

Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)

Daily Schedule:
Monday -
Level I & II Smartphone Design Theory Troubleshooting and Repairs.
Tuesday -
Level I & II iPhone, iPad/Tablet and Advanced Super AMOLED Glass Lens Separation Procedures.
Wednesday -
Liquid Damage Restoration/Advanced Level III Board Level Repairs and Component Testing.
Thursday -
Continued Advanced Level III Techniques for Soldered/Heat Transfer Surface Mounted Components.
Friday -
Overview using actual repair scenarios, Repair Facility Setup, Business Operation and Marketing Strategies along with Wholesale Suppliers.

Level I

  • Use of proper hand held and prying tools to replace cosmetic components
  • Switch/Dome (button) failure and troubleshooting repair
  • Contact corrosion recalibration
  • Basic display lens and navigation sensor replacement

Level II

  • Logic Board Troubleshooting for all mobile devices
  • Display separation and major component replacement on iPhone 3 through 7 Plus
  • Android Super AMOLED display procedure using advanced surface heating separators
  • Flex cable, Speaker, Camera replacement, housing conversions and remolding bent corners
  • No service/searching for signal
  • Proximity sensor damage and replacement

Level III

  • Safe operation temperatures and care of soldering equipment
  • Soldering and removal of cold solder techniques
  • Lead free and lead based soldering techniques
  • Locating missing logic board capacitors and use of circuit bridging
  • Proper technique application for replacing IC surface mounted components such as Molex/ZIF lock/coaxial (cable) connector, microphone, SIM/SD card reader, charging/data port, headset jack, vibrating motor, battery connector, soldered flex cables, switches and more
  • Application of high density nonconductive, heat resistant film
  • Usage of aluminum heat dissipaters

Liquid Damage

  • How to determine repairable and non-repairable devices
  • BGA, RAM, memory and POP processing chip design reaction to liquid
  • No Power or power cycling
  • Chemical drying agents used to extract moisture and corrosion
  • Operation of agitating machine
  • Reconditioning of short circuit batteries